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Content Marketing Guide For Online Business Promotion

Mistakes to Avoid With Content Marketing For Small Business

A PLR report or eBook can be the perfect solution when you want to sell your own products but don’t have the skill or time to make them. Hiring a ghostwriter and using plr memberships is a viable option, but it may not be right for you if you’re starting out and have a limited budget. PLR can be a lifesaver, but there’s more to it than putting your name on the product and putting it up for sale. You’ll have to make some changes to your PLR products to make your customers happy—and to come up with a product you’ll be proud to call yours.

Below are several mistakes you should avoid when handling newly-bought PLR.

Using it As-Is

This mistake is one of the most commonly made. You shouldn’t just put PLR up on your site and promote it to your subscribers; rather, you should use it as the starting point for a great product. The changes you make should benefit your customers and your bottom line.

Not Redoing the Sales Page

When using a sales page from a PLR pack, you should look for instructions. These are typically highlighted or in brackets, and they tell you to add pictures, links and other content. There’s no bigger PLR tip-off than a sales page where the site owner hasn’t removed the instructions and added his or her own content. Always be sure to add links to your affiliate offers on your download pages of any products or content you sell. This helps you monetize your funnel for maximum profits. You can join one of the best affiliate marketing courses to get a good grasp of how exactly to use affiliate offers within your sales funnel correctly.

Not Changing the Graphics

If you’re using the same title and graphics as in the original content, your product will quickly be recognized as being PLR. If customers have seen the same thing dozens of times, they’re likely to have a low opinion of your product—and they will question whether your new offering has any real value. Use tools such as the best autoresponders for affiliates to build your list, build a long term relationship with your customers via email and constantly keep them updated about your business.

Including Non-Working Links on the Sales Page

Customers often experience frustration when they click on a link within a sales page, only to discover that it doesn’t work. This happens with surprising frequency with idplr lifetime, and it’s often because the seller was in such a hurry to get the product to market that they didn’t test the links first.

Not Adding Value

When working with PLR, it’s important to make changes beyond the title and graphics. If someone buys your package, only to discover that it’s the same thing they’ve bought in the past, they may feel cheated—and your reputation will suffer. Always be sure to be using top notch content, companies like coach glue, and buy quality plr are good places to start.

To add something of value, follow these tips:

  • Use bullet points to explain things
  • Include real examples and case studies
  • Add some screenshots
  • Use Camtasia videos to show people how to use the product

There are multiple ways to change products and add value. Finding the right combination may take time, but it’s still faster than creating products from scratch.

Not Using the Right Keywords

Keywords are an integral part of the PLR process.Take some time to find the best long-tail keyword phrases that relate to your niche, and use them in titles, sales copy, articles and anywhere else they’d be appropriate. Using these keywords can capture organic traffic and add another element to your online marketing efforts. You’ll have to use these keywords on your landing pages, and your landing pages should be SEO friendly. So make sure you’re using the best wordpress landing page plugin to ensure your success and increased conversions.

Not Marketing the Product

Even if you make changes to your product, you still have to market it. There are multiple ways to do it, such as article marketing, PPC, emails, cross-promotion and affiliate marketing with the help of Affilorama, and it’s up to you to find the right marketing strategy for your business. You could promote the wordpress themes lifetime membership clubs as an affiliate and earn big time if done correctly.

PLR content and a marketing strategy are the best place to start when you want to sell your own products, but it’s not just for beginners. Many online marketers use PLR to crank out tons of great products and use what you’ve learned in the wealthy affiliate reviews, and with the tips you’ve picked up here, you can do the same thing.